NATURAL 209Natural 209 GOLDEN OAK 210BGolden Oak 210B PROVINCIAL 211Provincial 211 RED OAK 215Red Oak 215 PURITAN PINE 218Puritan Pine 218 MINWAX® WOOD FINISH™
IPSWICH PINE 221Ipswich Pine 221 SEDONA RED 222Sedona Red 222 COLONIAL MAPLE 223Colonial Maple 223 SPECIAL WALNUT 224Special Walnut 224 RED MAHOGANY 225Red Mahogany 225
EARLY AMERICAN 230Early American 230 GUNSTOCK 231Gunstock 231 RED CHESTNUT 232Red Chestnut 232 ENGLISH CHESTNUT 233English Chestnut 233 CHERRY 235Cherry 235 FRUITWOOD 241Fruitwood 241
GOLDEN PECAN 245Golden Pecan 245 PICKLED OAK 260Pickled Oak 260 DRIFTWOOD 2126Driftwood 2126 DARK WALNUT 2716Dark Walnut 2716 EBONY 2718Ebony 2718 JACOBEAN 2750Jacobean 2750

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